Nightmare – Bec Mudford

I remember probably about 2 things from design college. 1 lectures are boring, I am much more a doer learner, if I am not actually doing it for myself my brain is in sleep mode. 2 designers get inspiration from EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING. For example there’s been many a night where I ve gotten plenty of inspiration from beer labels.

Inspiration is all around you just have to open your eyes. Late last year I was faced with a challenge from the group of designers at work. Our day to day tasks had become much less than an inspiration. On the positive side we work in a department of over 15 designers from varying skill levels, junior all the way up to art directors. Surly our combined experience and talents could be a source of inspiration?

The stop, collaborate & listen project was born.

I knew the out come would be positive, but to my delight I’ve been blown away by some of the amazingly talented people that sit less than 5 m away. Too often we look too far and wide for inspiration when really it’s right in front of us … just open your eyes.

Over the next couple of weeks I will happily share some of the talent in my work place that’s been right under my nose.

First up is Bec Mudford. This is her illustration of ‘Stop the nightmare’. Bec’s illustration skills were outed when she presented us with this whimsical take on what goes on inside her lovely lady brains. It’s really cool that I got to see not only her drawing skills but I got to step inside one of her nightmares. Kudos indeed!



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