Blogterview with Jeremy – Visual Merchandiser

Recently on a trip to Melbourne I was introduced to Jeremy, a Visual Merchandiser from Melbourne. Even more lucky for me he’d just completed the Myer windows for Review that were on display in the Burke Street Mall. I ve always had an interest in VM but never really knew where to start or who to talk to about it, I was under the impression that they were like little tiny elves that worked through the night and produced visual awesomeness for shopaholics. I can tell you for certain that they’re not tiny elves, but they do produce visual awesomeness. Here’s my chat with Jeremy Taylor.

A bit about Visual Merchandising (VM) – By Jeremy Taylor

VM is one of those things that not many people know about, it’s true what they say it’s the ‘silent seller’.  There is nothing more rewarding for me if I have finished a window, seeing people walk past and smile or better yet take a photo – that is the best form of flattery for me.

VM is great as it allows you to see results both visually to satisfy the creative blood and if done well, commercially to satisfy the retail brain.

Not everyone embraces VM as they should and I believe this is more of an education thing, on how VM can correlate directly to sales.  There have been numerous times I’ve put a product in the window and seen a sudden increase in sales of that item.  This can be applied throughout an entire store, from displays to what you choose to have on your front racks or even your staff wearing!

VM to me is all encompassing of the entire retail experience, everything from the store music to create ambience, digital store presence to the visuals and way in which merchandise is displayed.

I am looking forward to seeing what the future of VM brings as we move into a very digital world – traditional VM is now trendy and digital when done right can be very cool.

My portfolio can be found at


Jeremy Taylor

What’s your day job?: 

National vm manager ts14+ & freelance visual merchandiser & stylist

What did you wanna be when you grew up?:

Doctor, film maker, hairdresser (left myself options!)

If you where a super hero what would your super hero name be?:


What inspires you on a day to day basis?:

The internet – blogs, fashion websites & good old google images

Tell me a bit about your professional journey – how’d you get here?:

I worked at just jeans as a uni student until i got my media & communications degree.  I use to be in awe of the vm team as they would come and make over the store.  I put myself forward in as many situations to assist them as i could and eventually the self-pr helped as i got a role as vm coordinator for jay jays (part of the just group) in head office.

I worked at the just group for three years with jay jays, then for mooks/stussy/mone11 when they bought them and finally dotti until i was ready to take on a new challenge.

I worked for kookai for a short time managing the vm there until a new challenge at roger david arose working as the vm manager for roger david, where i worked for 3 ½ years working on all of their creative from in store to campaign.

After roger david i delved into women’s accessories at mimco where i worked with a very creative team and helped produce some stunning campaigns and managed their visual merchandising.

Since mimco i have taken on roles with cotton on kids and began freelancing for brands such as review, the ugg shop, target and republic.

I now juggle my role at ts14+ and freelance which is a great balance of retail and creativity that I love.

If you had one piece of advice for aspiring creatives, what would it be?:

Keep the fire burning and stay inspired

What’s been the most challenging part of your job?:

Balancing creative ideas with commercial inginuity and realism.

What’s your fav part of your job & fav piece of work you’ve done?

The myer windows for review, bourke street mall installation.

What’s your current facebook status?:

Gonna get me some sale!

If you could have dinner with anyone (alive of dead) who would it be?:

Kylie minogue, donald trump & mary portas “queen of shops”

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