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This always happens. I walk into a situation where I don’t know the crowd very well, or even a crowd I’ve known for quite some time. The topic inevitably comes up “So Kieryn, what do you do?”. My response is, “I’m a Graphic Designer”. This is usually followed by an awkward pause, blank stare, polite smile and then back to a blank stare before a comment about the weather. So I’ve decided to come up with a better answer.

I’ve made it my business to fight ugly (strong words, I know). Lucky for me, someone started paying me to do it in 2002. Starting as a Finished Artist, then making the move to a direct mail vitamin company – not a good move for the hypercondriact. After a few more years, I donned my full-scale armour and joined the ranks of the advertising industry. Starting as the Studio Manager I quickly realised I wanted to become an Art Director. I completed AWARD school in 2010 – the same year I was a Cannes Young Lions finalist. Currently I am  donning my Creative Director hat for Flight Centre Limited. Earlier this year I decided to take it up a notch and stared a small freelance creative studio, ‘Humperdink’. It’s so small in fact, that it’s really just me.

Everyone has a different perception of what ugly is, so my role as a warrior against ugly should continue well into my retirement. I will also have a cape and leotard arriving in 8-10 business days.

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